Why do we ask for Social Security?

In order to report your rent payments, the credit bureaus ask for social security numbers in order to properly identify the individual.

If you are looking for a Security Deposit Loan we will use your social security to retrieve your credit score which is used to determine the interest rate charged. These are standard procedures in the lending industry. The credit score is not the only factor when calculating interest rates. 

How we use your information?


We use your submitted information to help verify your identity, to protect you from fraud, malicious activity, and other privacy and security-related concerns.


In addition we use it to provide customer support and help respond your inquiries related to our service.

Is my information sold to third parties?

Your information is NOT sold to third parties.

Will my phone number be used for marketing purposes?

Your phone number is used to help verify your identity and to contact you in case there are questions regarding your application. It will NOT be used for any marketing purposes.

How much will my credit score improve if I report my rent payments?

Goldman Sachs tested a rent reporting program in Utah and found the credit score for residents improved significantly. The program added up to 24 months of rental payment history to a person's credit history. The historical data help obtain an average boost 42 points. Another study conducted by TransUnion showed that sub-prime consumers could see an average increase of 26 points points following a year of rent reporting. We do not guarantee the increase of your credit score because there are several factors that affect credit score outside of NubaCap's control (i.e. customer's increasing their debt load or missing a credit card payment).

Source: USA Today, TransUnion

Which credit bureau does NubaCap report rent payments?

Nuba Cap reports rent payments to TransUnion.


Why is a high credit score important? 

Having a high credit score can affect many aspects of your life. With a high credit score you can reduce your interest payments on your car loan, mortgage, or other short term loans. In addition, in our present day, many employers ask to run your credit because it is a contributing factor to your possible employment. Having a high credit score is extremely important!

How long does it take to get a security deposit loan?

Security Deposit loans can be completed in less than 2 days if all information and documents are completed and received in a timely fashion.

Is there a fee to apply for a security deposit loan?

Yes, there is a small $15 dollar fee.

What is the difference between a Security Deposit Loan and a Personal Loan?

Because you pledge to forfeit your security deposit loan in the event of non-payment, Security Deposit Loans typically have a lower interest rate than personal loans. These rates depend on credit history, income, total debt, and location. 

What is the best way to ask NubaCap and questions or concerns I may have?

Contacting us at hello@nubacap.com is the best way to get a response. In addition, you can always call us at 305-501-0662.