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- Mary L.

NubaCap specializes in helping people move to their dream homes through Security Deposit Loans or through credit improvement so that one day they can purchase their own home.

Rent Reporting

In six months increase your credit score by:* 

1) Click "Apply Now" below to fill out an application.

2) Log in to your online banking to verify your rent payment every month.

3) Pay small subscription fee and Viola! Watch your credit score improve in the upcoming months. 

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Security Deposit Loans


1) Fill out the application by clicking Apply below.

2) Once you fill out info, we contact you in 24 hours or less to confirm information.

3) We send you the agreement to be signed.

4) We send you a check made out to the new landlord and you move into your new home.

5) You move in!


6) After you move in, we receive your payment according to the payment option you selected.


About Us

What we do?

We provide two services: Rent Reporting to the credit bureau, and loans for your security deposits

What is "Rent Reporting"? 

If you pay rent every month, you should be using those payments to increase your credit score. We help report your payments to the credit bureau so that you benefit by seeing a higher credit score.


Why does a higher credit score matter?


Having a higher credit score can lead to lower interest rates on your car leases, mortgage rates, and any other form of lending.  

What are "Loans for Security Deposits"?

When a landlord asks you for payments of first month, last month, and security deposit, we know it can be extremely overwhelming. We understand the pain in having to deliver such high amount of money at once. We help relieve that burden by offering short term loans designed to meet Security Deposit needs.


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